Arcadia may limit residential parking

Arcadia is close to banning vehicles parking on the side and front of unpaved residential lots, and is near approving limits on how much property can be paved. The city council last Tuesday delayed voting on the parking prohibition to allow more definition of what constitutes a "vehicle." Council member Paul Anderson wondered if empty or loaded trailers would qualify along with trucks and cars. City attorney Terry Madden said the definition might be set by the state, but could influence enforcement. Council member Kevin Mayzek also questioned whether citations would be sufficient to deter the practice.

Madden said a high enough number of citations could net some jail time. Each day a vehicle is improperly parked will count as an infraction, the ordinance says. The ordinance limiting how much property can be paved in a residential lot is set for a public hearing at 5 p.m. Feb. 11. The draft radiance would limit to 40 percent the paving allowed on a residential lot overall, and 60 percent of multi-family lots. In residential zoning, only 25 percent of the front lawn may be paved. The ordinance also proposes restrictions on fences. Mayor Rob Reichwein said he would check on a bill from the Arcadia School District for the city's use of the school auditorium for a public meeting. "I though we could use those facilities without cost," Reichwein said. Council member Joe Feltes also urged that the cost of a new city ice rink be included in next year's budget.

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