Galesville seeks bids, funds for High Cliff trail

The city of Galesville is looking to repair the High Cliff trail, but city officials are not sure where to get the money for the project. City officials are hoping that local citizens will pitch in to help. 

In 2017, a flood ran through Galesville that wiped out the iconic swinging bridge and the trail that ran from the bridge to Pine Cliff Cemetery. Shortly beforehand, the city’s insurance company refused to continue to cover the park, citing existing damage to the swinging bridge. Thus, the trail was deemed unsafe and unusable. City officials made three attempts to apply for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) financial help, but each attempt was rejected because the park had been closed before the flood happened. 

A statement sent on behalf of the city’s parks committee said: “Galesville’s High Cliff Park is a community treasure. This park was an important tourist attraction for Galesville as well as a great recreation place for individuals and families.” 

The parks committee suggested a trail that would allow for a walker or runner to make a full loop: “The park can be a great walking trail from the cemetery to the old creamery road, then up to Harris Road, crossing the Highway 53 bridge, a walk through town to arriving back at the cemetery.” 

Although initial estimates of $450,000 to $775,000 for the swinging bridge put that project out of reach at the moment, the repair of the trail is estimated at approximately $80,000. The parks committee stated that presently the city does not have funds set aside for the project, and are hoping for community support. 

“If you have funding ideas, please contact a council member or if you wish

to make a donation to this project, big or small, a special account called the restoration of High Cliff Park has been set up at the Bluff View Bank in Galesville,” the statement said. 

The city recently put out a request for bids on the trail project, which will give city officials a better idea of how much money is needed for the project. 


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