Blair city council hears hotel request

The Blair city council heard a report of someone interested in possibly opening a hotel downtown. 

City clerk Susan Frederixon told the council she had discussions with a person who was interested in possibly turning the former Grocery Store building into a hotel. However, city attorney Alan Robertson said, the current city ordinance does not allow for a hotel to be opened downtown.

Robertson told the council they would have to amend the ordinance to allow the building to be re-opened as a hotel.

Frederixon said the person wasn’t set on the idea of turning the building as a hotel, but was curious to know if the council would consider changing the ordinance so it would be possible. 

“I hate to turn business away, but I don’t know that we want to pursue that in the middle of town,” council member Jill Anderson said. 

Council members expressed concern about that building specifically being used for those purposes.

“I’m definitely not against bringing in a business, but that building is not the right building for a hotel,” council member Wanda Cartrette said. 

Council member Mike Lisowski requested a more complete plan saying the building would cost $200,000 to be fixed.  

The meeting was held last Tuesday, serving as the regular monthly meeting along with the reorganizational meeting, following the spring election.

Because there were no changes on the council following the election, the committees also remained unchanged. 


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