Snowmobiles barred from Arcadia park

Snowmobiles have become officially barred from Memorial Park in Arcadia, though riders may still use a trail along Reit Lane to the boundary between the park and Arcadia school property.

The ordinance adopted by the council last Wednesday also bars the use of bicycles, scooters and skates in or on the park’s amphitheater.

The ban on snowmobiles was driven in part by complaints that the vehicles were disturbing the trails that are groomed for cross-country skiers. The prohibition will formally go into effect after the ordinance is published. Violators will be issued citations, and the vehicles must be registered.

The ordinance discussion lead to some debate about snowmobile use elsewhere in the city, their use and noise. Former council member Todd Fetsch, who has been developing the cross-country skiing trails, asked if the city needed to consider speed or noise limits. The council took no other action on restricting the vehicles.

“The city of Arcadia has been understanding and lenient about snowmobiles as long as they’re used at a safe speed,” said Mayor Rob Reichwein. “We hope people understand that it’s a privilege and not a right.”

City police chief Diana Anderson said some snowmobiles are speeding in the city, and had suggested the council impose a limit lower than the existing 25 miles an hour. Anderson said she met with school officials to clarify the routes snowmobiling students may use.

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