Christa E. (Merbach) Berg


Christa Emilee (Merbach) Berg passed on May 29, 2022, surrounded by her children and grandchildren, at her son’s home in Minneapolis, MN.

Christa was born in Langenhain, Germany, August 6, 1931. She remained in what was to become East Germany until she was 16, when she escaped to the West and began her life of travel and adventure. Christa met her husband, Douglas Berg, in the West while he was stationed there for post war reconstruction with the U.S. Army. They were married in 1956 in Germany before relocating to Minnesota after his discharge from the Army. It was on to Sioux Falls where she supported her husband’s quest for a degree in Physical Education, and where she did various jobs, even selling Avon, for which she won many awards. Galesville, Wisconsin, was where they found a home, after trying out various other teaching positions. Christa started her own business with the help of her friends, with the classes she had as a child in Germany and her talent. Christa’s Yarn Paradise began in her basement, but soon grew into a store in Trempealeau, and eventually she bought her own building and moved it to Beach Corners. Christa spent many evenings teaching night school classes in needlework, macrame, and even cake decorating. She also enjoyed baking and hosted many coffee klatches for neighbors and friends. Christa also liked to go on adventures, so she planned many trips to see her new country as well as making sure her children knew her ‘Oma’ and ‘Opa’ in Germany. In later years, she enjoyed traveling with her husband and son, Steven, to many foreign destinations.

Christa is survived by her son, Steven Berg; daughter, Monika (Berg) Oeltjen; her granddaughters: Jordan (Oeltjen) Euclide, Angela Oeltjen, and Vanessa Oeltjen.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Douglas E. Berg; Paula (Winges) Merbach, mother; Paul Merbach, father; and Martin Merbach, brother.

Christa liked to share her talents with others through teaching, especially children. Memorial gifts will be donated to the Head Start program in the area she had resided.

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